Route des Peres Maristes

Hann II

Dakar, Senegal

West Africa                   

Tel  221.33.832.06.82

Fax 221.33.832.17.21

Director Joseph Rosa

Dakar Academy's mission, as well as providing primary and secondary evangelical Christian education, is to provide quality boarding for children of missionaries living outside of Dakar in order that those families will be able to continue their work where they are while meeting the educational needs of their children.  The boarding facilities of Dakar Academy are staffed by North American missionaries who have responded to God's call to serve as boarding parents.  Dakar Academy boarding facilities only accepts residents who are children of missionaries.

Missionary children in the boarding home live in a home-like atmosphere with loving boarding parents who fill the role and meet the responsibilities of their parents who are absent.

They provide vigilant, supportive supervision around-the-clock, seven days a week. The boarding home parents are always on call to help students with spiritual, academic, social, and personal development. Boarding home students are asked to adhere to rules involving such things as study times, visitation, curfews, and lights out.

Boarding students have lots of activities they engage in. Besides the school related ones such as drama and sports, they also enjoy dorm outings. These outings include trips to Lac Rose, MagicLand, swimming at the beach, Accro-Baobab, shopping trips, and much more.

Currently, Dakar Academy has three on-campus dorms. For more information about any of DA's boarding facilities:


To learn more about Dakar Academy's boarding program, read the Boarding Home Handbook. To apply for residence in the boarding program, complete the Boarding Home Application.


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