Our School

Dakar Academy campus and student community.

Dakar Academy’s campus is a vibrant community hub where students and staff live, work, study, and play together. Here, there’s always something fun to join in on—from games and scrimmages on the athletic fields to productions and shows in the auditorium.

Located in a quiet, residential area, the gated school is located on a six-acre campus that features staff and student housing, academic buildings, administrative buildings, athletic fields, an auditorium, and multi-purpose spaces. We are committed to meet the changing needs of the mission community through continued renovations and new construction projects.

    Elementary Building

    • Seven classrooms, boys and girls bathrooms.
    • Auditorium which includes a stage, costume and prop room, sound and lighting systems.

    Classroom Buildings

    • Twenty air-conditioned classrooms, boys and girls bathrooms.
    • Private offices, meeting room, and resource room.
    • Science classroom for teaching, including ten lab stations for experiments and lab work.
    • Art classroom featuring pottery wheel and kiln, supplies for multiple mediums and skill levels.
    • Computer Lab offering 20 stations for course work and media classes, in addition to a mini-lab for other students to use while the main lab is occupied.
    • Covered shelter area with tables and benches for students, 3 refrigerators and 1 freezer to store student lunches daily, recreation area containing sporting equipment.
    • The Cantina, a school kitchen containing a soda cooler, refrigerator for candy and an ice cream freezer that allows staff and students to purchase items at lunch and special events.
    • Wood Shop, fully equipped with power tools, enabling students to learn basic and advanced woodwork.

    Campus Homes

    • A 2-story residence is equipped to house secondary students in 2-3-person bedrooms with kitchens and large common areas.  
    • Apartments are attached to each floor and serve as private areas to house the supervising home parents and their families.

    Staff Housing

    • One one-bedroom apartment
    • One two-bedroom duplex
    • One four-bedroom duplex
    • The High Rise, an eight-unit apartment building with single/couple apartments
    • The Sand Castle, an off-campus building with 11 units within walking distance of campus

    Administrative Building

    • Six private offices, main office and lobby, business office, staff workroom, conference room, sick room, men's and women's restrooms.
    • Library, housing a collection of approximately 20,000 books, videos & DVD's, several computer stations, and a restroom.


    • Well equipped playground, sports field with soccer goals, dirt running track, basketball/volleyball/tennis court, petits poteaux for court soccer, turf area, picnic tables, bench swing.
    • Well-kept gardens with an array of colorful flowers, carefully tended small plots of grass, potted plants, stone pathways, and large flowering trees.

    Workers Building

    • Male and female locker rooms
    • Maintenance office

    Maintenance Shop

    • Equipped with tools and parts to maintain the entire facility-specialty tools for woodworking, plumbing, welding, and electric work.
    • Auto Shop-area and tools to maintain the fleet of automobiles.