International teachers at Dakar Academy offer their time and talents to students from across West Africa and North Africa.

What does a typical school year look like?

DA follows a traditional 10-month North American academic schedule. Each year, classes start mid-August and end in early June. Students and staff enjoy a three week holiday at Christmas, a two week holiday in April, and an eight week summer holiday. For specific holiday dates, check out our academic calendar.

Do DA staff receive a salary?

Staff members receive a generous benefits package that includes furnished housing with utilities, a monthly stipend, health insurance stipend, and tuition for up to two children per family. Most families raise additional support to help cover cost of living. Interested staff members should check out our DA Staff Benefits sheet.

Where do DA teachers live?

As part of DA’s benefits package, teachers receive furnished housing with utilities. Staff homes range from one-bedroom on-campus apartments to family homes located near the campus in Hann Maristes. In addition to on-campus apartments and duplexes, DA owns an apartment building with 11 units within walking distance of campus.

How long do teachers normally serve at DA?

DA strongly encourages staff to sign at least a two year commitment. This allows staff time to adjust to life in Dakar and invest in relationships at DA. Current staff have served anywhere from two years to twenty plus years.

Is Senegal a safe place to live?

As the most stable country in the region, Senegal has become a hub for embassies, expat and business families from across West Africa. DA continuously works to keep updated security systems and has not experienced any problems. While Senegal has not seen any recent terrorist attacks, it is always recommended you should maintain situational awareness.

Do DA teachers need to be able to speak French or Wolof?

Because Dakar Academy is an international school and courses are taught in English, neither French nor Wolof are required. However, while it is possible to be successful and thrive in Dakar without these languages, it is useful to have some vocabulary. DA offers free courses in French and Wolof to staff to help them adjust.