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Are you adventurous? Missions-focused? Looking for a high-impact, hands-on way to support missions? Dakar Academy is hiring!

Join a vibrant educational community in Dakar, Senegal, as a teacher or skilled staff member and become an active partner in fulfilling the Great Commission. We're seeking qualified teachers and staff members who are committed to investing in students' lives and are willing to live out their faith both inside and outside the classroom. 

DA offers a generous stipend and benefits including furnished housing, utilities, and medical insurance subsidy. Staff are encouraged to raise additional financial support to cover travel, student loans, savings for retirement, and other living costs.


immediate Needs for 2019-2020


  • History — Teaching students about the past so they don't repeat it.


  • Elementary Art — Yellow ochre, but not mediocre.


  • IT Specialist Did you try restarting it?”

planning ahead: future Needs


  • (PreK-5) Teachers — Must like recess, the smell of glue, and giggles.


  • Middle School Specialist — Like investing in Middle School students? We need you.


To apply for one of these positions, please submit the following documents via email to

  • Your resume

  • Cover letter explaining how you could contribute to the DA community, both inside and outside the classroom

  • Completed Application Form, including essay and official college/university transcripts

  • References — please send this link to all references:


questions about the recruiting process? We're here to help. 

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