At Dakar Academy, athletics are not just for the higher grade levels. Starting in kindergarten, students are encouraged to participate in a range of athletic activities that promote health and well-being. From team sports to clubs to DA's very own "Olympics," there are opportunities for every age group and skill level to practice physical health and good sportsmanship. 

DA students, representing more than 26 nationalities, gather together annually for their own Olympics, where they compete in a series of events. 

Sport Seasons

FALL | August through October

  • Varsity Boys Volleyball
  • Varsity Girls Volleyball
  • Varsity Softball
  • Intermediate Boys Soccer
  • Intermediate Girls Soccer
  • Junior Basketball (co-ed, grades 4 to 6) 

WINTER | November through February

  • Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Varsity Girls Basketball
  • Varsity Softball (continued)
  • Junior Varsity Softball (co-ed)
  • Intermediate Volleyball (co-ed)
  • Junior Soccer (co-ed, grades 4 to 6)

SPRING | March through May

  • Varsity Boys Soccer
  • Varsity Girls Soccer
  • Junior Varsity Boys Soccer
  • Intermediate Basketball (co-ed)
  • Junior Soccer (co-ed, grades 4 to 6) 

    Seasonal Intramurals

    • Basketball
    • Dodgeball 
    • Handball  
    • Midnight Madness 
    • Soccer 
    • Spikeball 
    • Turkey Bowl 
    • Volleyball  
     Elementary students participate in junior soccer at Dakar Academy.
     Dakar Academy's varsity boys basketball team takes on their competitor's in the school league. 
     Varsity Boys compete with other local and international schools in Dakar. 
     Students compete in various sports at Dakar Academy, including an Olympics week in Spring Semester.