DA's campus homes feature large great rooms with study and dining areas, a kitchen, spacious bedrooms with no more than three students per room, shared bathrooms, an attached apartment for the home parents, and a laundry room. Homes are equipped with computers, Internet access and HDTVs.  

After school hours, students are free to study, hang out with friends, or participate in any number of after school activities, including drama, sports, clubs and games. Dinner is served at 6 pm, and curfew on school nights is 8 pm. After evening devotions, students have study time until lights out at 10 pm. Weekend curfew (Friday and Saturday) is 11 pm. Student homes attend Sunday worship together on campus in the auditorium. Students living on campus enjoy many weekend activities, including going to the beach, swimming, snorkeling, jet-skiing, camping, paint ball, shopping at local artisan markets, and spontaneous ice cream runs.

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