Spiritual Life

Dakar Academy provides a number of opportunities for students and staff to serve on and off campus with community leaders, local missionaries, and Senegalese pastors.


Students enjoy Kids' Club at Dakar Academy.

Kids’ Club

Older students are given the opportunity to serve the elementary students by playing games, leading a devotional and “hanging out” with them.

In Dakar Academy's Best Buds program, older high school students pair up with younger students and form relationships.

Best Buds

High school students sign up to be a special friend to an elementary student. Various activities are planned throughout the school year to help the Best Buds get to know each other and have fun together.

Students participate in local outreach with missionaries in the community.

Local Outreach

Students have opportunities to serve along side of community workers in places like the deaf school, street children, and helping in the orphanage.


Food Drives and Fund Raisers

Throughout the school year, the students and staff sponsor fund-raisers and food drives to help the needy.

Dakar Students use soccer to create relationships with locals in Senegal.

Sports Outreaches

The soccer team goes on an annual trip using sports as a way to interact with young men. DA students share their relationship with God through personal stories and the “wordless ball”. The soccer team also hosts “Guys Night Out” where they invite a local team to come to play a soccer match. After the game, the teams meet in the auditorium where food is provided. After the meal, the Champion League semifinals match is projected on a big screen. Men in the neighborhood (street vendors, guards, merchants) are also invited to be a part of this sports night of food and fun. During half time, a speaker shares his relationship with God with the visiting team and Senegalese guests. A wordless soccer ball is given to the visiting team. These nights have been very popular and a great way to bond with the men in our surrounding community.

Students work with missionaries to serve rural villages in Senegal.

Outreach Weekends

Twice a year, students and staff travel to towns and villages outside of Dakar. During these weekends, the students serve with the local community development workers and nationals through drama, medical outreach, building churches (laying foundations, making bricks by hand, roofing), making benches, digging wells, painting churches and murals, and children’s programs. In the evenings, the students and staff participate in evening singing and sharing campaigns. Although these weekends are not mandatory, many students and staff sign up to go. Normally there are between 120-160 who participate on these weekends. In the last 10 years, the students from Dakar Academy have helped finance and build 16 places of worship in Senegal. The students and staff return from these weekends with powerful stories of how God worked in them and through them. Dakar Academy has received an Outstanding Achievement Award from Association of Christian Schools International for its outreach program.

Students participate in community service at Dakar Academy.

Community Service Day

One school day is set aside each January for high school students work to help the community by doing neighborhood clean up projects, working with Talibes (street boys) or assisting teachers with special tasks.  Students may earn up to 12 hours of community service time which is shown on their transcripts.