Africa’s only accredited boarding program.

Dakar Academy offers family-style homes within the school’s secure, walled-in campus. Each home is led by a married couple whose full-time responsibility is the care and nurture of the students in their home. DA's campus living program is the ONLY accredited boarding program on the African continent and meets the high standards for accountability set by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Every home seeks to function as a family unit where students eat family style meals together, create their own unique traditions, and work together to make their space a comfortable "home away from home." Students living on campus enjoy outings together, including trips to the beach, jet skiing, paint ball, soccer nights, camping trips to Lac Rose, and spontaneous events like ice cream runs.

Our home  parents work closely with teachers to help students achieve academically, and partner with the student's parents to provide the individual care and nurture that every student needs—as well as keeping parents connected to the day-to-day lives of their children while they are apart.