Fun. Innovative. Nurturing.

If you enter an elementary classroom at Dakar Academy, you’re not going to find students sitting in rows of desks from 8am to 3pm. Instead, you’ll discover creative teachers investing their time and talents to create engaging lessons that bring content to life.

From preschool to kindergarten, and grades 1 through 5, all activities—in the classroom, on the playground, at social events, in chapel, or on the athletic fields—are designed to help students recognize their full potential. Quality teaching at DA goes beyond academics as staff seek to guide students as they grow socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

"The love and the community here is so evident. My children notice it, I notice it as a mom, and I notice it as a staff member. You couldn't ask for anything more, for your children to grow up in that type of environment." — April Cousens, instructional coach

In the classroom, teachers encourage and challenge students by setting high expectations that are within their ability to reach. Responsibility and consequences are taught early, helping the students to become more independent problem-solvers as they work through a North American curriculum. A focus is placed in developing foundational skills that will carry them through middle school and high school, such as thinking critically, taking notes, completing homework, and preparing for tests. The goal: for students to understand (not only know) what they are learning, and to develop a love of reading and writing as they master lifelong skills.

Dakar Academy’s athletics program offers students grades 4 to 6 the opportunity to participate in team sports. This allows elementary students to explore sports they are interested in, or develop foundational skills before entering middle school and high school leagues. Junior teams include soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Kindergarten students at Dakar Academy take elementary art class.
Dakar Academy's kindergarten students receive differentiated instruction in a creative learning environment.
Dakar Academy's preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students spend time weekly in the school library, where they practice reading through engaging, interactive lessons.
Dakar Academy's international preschool, kindergarten, and primary grade students engage in fun learning styles.
ESL courses are offered to bilingual and multilingual students at Dakar Academy. All students take French class, starting in elementary school.