Middle SChool

Explore. Motivate. Engage.

Dakar Academy’s Middle School promotes creative and immersive teaching practices that foster a positive learning environment and inspire students to become lifelong learners. An orientation program for Grade 6 students helps with the transition from a self-contained elementary setting to a departmentalized rotary schedule.  

Teachers hold high expectations for students while providing them with the structure and support they need to ensure each student achieves his or her best. Students are encouraged to try new things—sports, fine arts, or studying new subjects of interest—as they discover more about their strengths and found passions.

Education at DA is holistic: staff encourage and support academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of students. Bible classes, weekly chapel services, and youth group nights help students grow in their personal relationship with God. Additionally, twice a year students participate in Spiritual Emphasis Week, when DA hosts a guest speaker who comes to encourage and challenge students in their walk with Christ.

Students who enjoy playing sports will find no shortage of opportunity here! Intramural, junior, and intermediate teams play throughout the school year. Sportsmanship, unity, and teamwork are promoted for students on and off the court or field. Sports include but are not limited to basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Additionally, intramural sports include spikeball, handball, tag football, soccer, and more.

A student-run senate is elected each year with members from each grade level. The student senate plans and organizes student-centered events. Favorites include an annual dodgeball tournament, movie nights, game nights, and an after-party following DA’s annual Fine Arts Festival. There’s always something fun to join in on!

Science class at Dakar Academy.
Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities at Dakar Academy. 
Students are part of a strong community at Dakar Academy.
Students at Dakar Academy enjoy events like the Middle School Youth Group Retreat. 
Student clubs and activities at Dakar Academy Middle School.