High SChooL

Dream. Challenge. Achieve.

Joining the Dakar Academy student body means becoming a part of the DA community. It’s not unusual to see teachers and students playing court soccer or working together on an act for Senior Cafe.

Dakar Academy’s high school division offers a robust college-preparatory curriculum with an extensive course list that features AP and dual credit classes and opportunities to earn college credit through CLEP exams. An emphasis on academic excellence prepares graduates to successfully transition to college. In fact, over 85% of DA graduates pursue higher education! Inside the classroom, students are challenged to think critically and apply what they are learning to real issues as future leaders and contributing members of a community.  

Learning is not limited to the classroom—at DA, students have many opportunities to participate in service projects and outreach trips, along with field trips for art, photography, biology, and other subjects. Many students also assist staff as teacher aides, gaining valuable professional experience in a safe environment that challenges them to grow.

Coursework is presented from a Christian worldview by a faculty composed of more than 50 highly qualified staff members.

Secondary students can choose to take media courses, including photography, videography, graphic design, or journalism.
Students enjoy participating in sports like soccer at Dakar Academy.
Dakar Academy science students participate in a lab.
Dakar Academy students engage in reading cross-curricular content.
Students have the opportunity to learn musical instruments and perform at Dakar Academy.