Video: DA according to kids, Episodes 1-5


What better way to find out about Dakar Academy than by going straight to the source? Hear what kids have to say about the school on this five part series of “Dakar Academy According to Kids.”

Episode 1: PE

We asked some students to describe their favorite class. Here's what happened next...

Episode 2: Music

What's music class like at DA? We asked and they answered.

Episode 3: 2nd Grade

We think our teachers are pretty fun. Turns out, the 2nd grade class agrees.

Episode 4: AP Lit

Seniors shared their favorite things about veteran AP Literature teacher Ginny Austin-from cheetah shoes to special head wear, and how she helps them succeed in school.

Episode 5: Library

"You walk in and your brain expands..." "It smells like donut air..." "I think it's as big as my house..." See what students are saying about DA's library-the largest English collection in West Africa!